Oh hello man in street whose arm I bumped into only slightly while I was getting off the bus

Why are you now turning around & walking after me & shouting "Oi don't touch me! Don't touch me!"

I am quite pleased I chose not to engage because you are taller and bigger than me and I'm tired and want to go home

In another time I would have shouted at you back but as I said I'm quite tired today

Yes I realise this probably makes me a bad feminist, after all women deserve space on the street as much as any person

Even at 11:30pm in the middle of hackney after drinking vodka. Pretty sure I'm allowed to be in the street

Did I mention I'm super tired today, actually have been quite tired for some time

Oh you're still shouting "don't touch me!" When I am quite clearly walking away from you and not touching you at all

Oh now you've thrown your cigarette at me and it's stuck in the back of my hoodie because I am walking away from you

Ok now I'm quite angry but also scared so keeping walking

Ok I'm in my house but the cigarette is still burning so now I have to deal with that


nicky thompson

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