Weeknotes 11

This is harder than it seems, isn't it? Phil's half century notes are an inspiration! Happy birthday Phil!

I am obsessed with Below Deck of all kinds. It's slightly annoying because I thought I'd be buying the Hayu subscription to catchup but it turns out Below Deck is still on TV so obviously I'm just subscribing to Hayu forever now. Captain Sandy is my favourite captain, despite my love for salty bearded seadogs, she is just brilliant. She gets every deckhand up to drive the boat (Captain Lee, step the fuck up!) and is just really empathetic but also doesn't take any shit or let people fuck her over. The kind of leader and person I aspire to be.

Greys Anatomy is back on TV :tada:

I made a thing! https://www.instagram.com/p/CMiYCh_JwhL/ - the first thing I've made that I'm not actually unhappy with/would consider wearing outside of the house, etc. Go me!

I did the census. I put my health as "fair". I am generally ~fine~, but I have a weird thing which is called a fibroid which sounds kind of scary, but it's basically a growth/tumour on your womb, except it's not cancerous. Allegedly. That's what they say, but the state of medical research into womens' health issues means I'm not convinced anyone actually knows anything. Anyway, I put fair because the stupid fibroid makes life difficult at times, it causes me a lot of pain and it's quite inconvenient. Like getting your period, except at any time, with debilitating pain, without any warning! Great! This is one of the reasons I appreciate not having to commute.

Relatedly, I found out this week that ... and again I feel like you might think I'm an idiot for not knowing this - but if you take a lot of painkillers over a lot of time, they stop working!!? (Google "treatment resistant migraine" - or don't, if you rely on them and value your sanity). :-(

Do you like the Expanse? Did you know that Ty Franck and Wes Chatham do a podcast/Youtube show called "Ty and That Guy"? The latest episode is about them and the Terminator: https://tyandthatguy.com/ - worth a listen. I'd forgotten what a good film the original Terminator was, and relived it through listening to this episode.