What I do

Hello! I'm an experienced freelance interface developer. You can email me if you think I can help you.

I enjoy working with other developers, designers and UX people in an agile, collaborative environment. I like making beautiful websites that work for everyone.

I'm fun to have around the office but I can work remotely too.

If reading this blog makes you think "I would hire this person for my interesting front-end freelance project!" - and it should! - then you can look at some examples of my work or you can email me so we can talk.

My core development skills are expertise in accessible HTML, CSS and JavaScript, including various JavaScript templating systems and frameworks, and of course Less/SASS (and the associated organisation techniques). I've also used Rails, PHP (and of course Wordpress) and Actionscript.

I can introduce new systems and processes, or improve a legacy codebase. Or I can help you with hiring and training other front end staff.

I've most recently been working at FutureLearn, after some time freelancing, as UI Lead at moo.com, and running my own small web agency.

I do my best work when collaborating in an Agile team, and have experience with Scrum, TDD, planning & managing front-end projects.

I also recently gave a talk about accessibility at [Ember London](Ember London).