Quarter notes

Ok, this is a lot harder than it seemed. Nothing ever happens! Let's readjust our expectations. That's not true, I'm doing lots of things. I'm keeping »

Weeknotes 11

This is harder than it seems, isn't it? Phil's half century notes are an inspiration! Happy birthday Phil! I am obsessed with Below Deck of all »

Weeknotes 06

I feel like making notes about favourite films and then using the words "abide" might have made you think The Big Lebowski was my favourite film. »

Weeknotes 03-05

Technically this is weeknotes 03-04 but I am hedging my bets (FORESHADOWING!!! Sorry...) against missing this again next weekend. And a midweek weeknote!! What!! Bringing the »

Weeknotes 02

This is all I can think of, and think, whenever I open Twitter or read the news: Except I don't look so pleased about it as »