Sometimes it's better to be lucky than terrified

Jamie kindly asked me to give a talk on "How we made Futurelearn more accessible" at Ember London last week.

I used some examples from this post in the first part of the talk: The Alphabet of Accessibility.

If you do NOTHING else today GO READ THIS POST!

It contains 26 examples you might not have thought about, of times when it would be useful for your site to be accessible.

It is the 'talk of the blog post' I wrote for Futurelearn last year about making our Like buttons more accessible, which I was a bit worried about until Jusna helpfully pointed out that it's like watching the film of the book!

You can get the talk in various forms:

The links from the last slide are super useful! Here they are.

For reference:

Useful informations for your brains!

Just some tools

No substitute for user research, but they help a bit.