Inspiring women

On Ada Lovelace Day, let's hear it for Victoria Coren Mitchell, because poker definitely counts as maths.

I was blown away today reading the beautiful writing by my colleagues about women who've inspired them and upon hearing the sad news that Mrs. Coren Mitchell is already out of the current EPT London tournament, I couldn't help consoling myself by watching the PokerStars Bonus Cut from earlier this year where she became the ONLY TWO TIME CHAMPION of the European Poker Tournament - and hearing this amazing quote from her which didn't seem to be in any of the coverage I'd seen at the time:

“I hope people can see that I’m enjoying myself, I’m playing poker for fun, you know, it’s really not an impossible dream - and I hope they look at me and go - you know in a way she is just a ditzy girl having a nice time, I could do that too - and the truth is that they really could.”

(Photo 'Ada Lovelace letters to Faraday' © Steve Parker, CC BY 2.0.)