Neat Ghost Pro publish preview trick


I know the whole point of Ghost is the markdown preview window (which is AMAZING obviously) but sometimes it's nice to see how images, etc are going to come out when fully styled in your theme.

In the default Caspar theme, anyway, do this:

  • Write your post
  • Click the checkbox to 'Turn this post into a static page'
  • Publish!

Nobody can see it - it doesn't appear in the front page, but you can view it at the URL supplied.

Once you're happy with it:

  • Go back to the edit/preview in your Ghost window
  • Uncheck the static page checkbox
  • Save again and check your front page
  • All done!

Is this weird? I don't think Ghost Pro has themed preview (yet?) but this seems like a rough way around for now.

It might affect RSS feeds, maybe, if the timestamps are different..? But I can't think of another reason not to do this if you're desperate for themed preview.

I just realised this blog doesn't have comments! Chat @knotnicky.

Update: Ghost says: "Do note that the page will show up in your XML sitemap when published though!" - so it is just for quick previews - if you leave it up too long it will get spidered and appear in search results.