Quarter notes

  • Ok, this is a lot harder than it seemed. Nothing ever happens! Let's readjust our expectations.
  • That's not true, I'm doing lots of things. I'm keeping myself and my plants alive, occasionally going for a walk with friends or trying to read a book or do some sewing and watching TV.
  • My favourite TV currently is Desperate Housewives. I love it in the same way I love Grey's Anatomy, there's a completely and utterly ridiculous plot line every other week but it can still make me cry. Soap opera, space opera, you say tomato.
  • My partner and I are also working our way through Bojack Horseman (amazing! do watch!) and trying not to bounce off Parks & Rec (after a painful and rocky start, we skipped all of Season 1 except the last episode, as God intended).
  • I think I can talk about this now because everyone who is supposed to know now knows: I'm moving teams at work. We split our ginormous set of 11 (!) product & platform teams into 3 groups last year, and I've been on the Consumer group since then, and now I'm going to be the EM (Engineering Manager) for the Platform group. This is exciting because the Platform group is a different sort of fun to the Consumer group. I'm also excited that we finally settled on the acronym GEM (Group EM) for our roles, which is obviously brilliant.
  • It's good but weird and a bit sad because it's only come about because one of our colleagues is leaving, which is lovely for them but sad for us, and although I'm not leaving or anything, it means I'll stop working so closely with lots of people, including a few who I've only ever known on Zoom. I am extremely excited to meet them in person, and see everyone else when we're allowed again.
  • On that note, I'm going to a pub garden tomorrow night to meet some of them and scope out a potential working spot for one afternoon every so often, with the help of a project from the excellent Helen: https://www.workfromyourlocal.uk/. I'm not convinced my usual schedule of group meetings and 121s will survive an open plan co-working environment, so I hope it will be a way to get a change of scenery while carving out some time to do quiet work. As good as a rest, they say!