Tower defends

I love tower defence games. Love 'em! There's something about the game that appeals to the villain in me who just wants to set up my dominos in a row and see if the bloons, jelly monsters or zombies can knock them down.

I think it's because I'm quite lazy. After arranging all my jello, monkeys or plants, I need a break and some pretty graphics to watch and get excited about (and maybe intervene if I need to).

Like most people, I also have a very subjective sense of taste and design.

So, to clarify - I love well designed & drawn tower defence games.

Monument Valley is hands-down the most stunningly gorgeous game since it's release ever (on that note, has anything that good happened ever in games since then? No no apart from MV2?) - but there is nothing like that beautiful in a tower type game. That I have yet found!

So here I'm going to collate a list of really nice & pretty tower defence games. Please let me know on Twitter if you know of any more!

Jelly Defense - I think the most beautiful.

Plants vs Zombies - not as pretty as JD but the characters and games are so good & cute I can't not. The second one is too cartoony for me and I was sad about that and the freemium gameplay.

Bloons TD 5 - Also very cartoony, but the characters are so cute I forgive them.

Plague, Inc. - This game is not really beautiful in the sense of "to look at" (my apologies, Plague inc game design team) but I love the idea and it keeps evolving (heh!). I used to play it on the bus or Tube but it started upsetting too many fellow commuters.

That's it! There must be more. Do share.