Weeknotes 02

  • This is all I can think of, and think, whenever I open Twitter or read the news:
Displeased Animal Crossing snow person saying "What. Is. Going. On."
  • Except I don't look so pleased about it as I do in that picture. Everything is terrible.
  • Yes, I am still playing Animal Crossing. I have recently done myself a massive disservice by embarking upon an island-wide refurb all in one go, leaving me a big mess until I sort it out. Never embark upon a massive redo all in one go, you'll just leave yourself a big mess until you sort it out 😓
  • If you like Animal Crossing, you should check out the Hi-Score Club. Nearly every week since last March there's been a weekend island visit or other AC-related shenanigans. You can see past island visits here: https://www.hi-score.club/post/asstown-goes-on-tour, (full disclosure, including a tour of my island before its now sorry half-assed state, which you should not bother watching probably at all, but at least not until you've seen the much more exciting highlights like the SPOOKY Trick or Treat Halloween Island Tours, the BRILLIANT Personality Quiz  Island Tour, and the AMAZING Murder on the Almond Island Tour murder mystery island). Seriously these streams have given me so much joy over the last year. I believe they also sometimes talk about games other than Animal Crossing!
  • I've been using Duolingo to learn Spanish every day for 352 days. It's not really helping me learn Spanish that well though, because I am obsessive about not having any lessons broken via the medium of a crossed out-circle (that happens when you don't practice an old lesson), so I only ever practice those circles, so I don't learn anything new, because I'm not motivated enough to spend any more than the minimum time on it, during which I practiced the old lesson. After about 6 months of just running to keep up, Duo has now decided I know all that old stuff good enough, and finally stopped breaking the circles, thereby forcing me to actually move on and learn some new words. How dare it. I'm not sure this is how this is supposed to work.