Weeknotes 06

  • I feel like making notes about favourite films and then using the words "abide" might have made you think The Big Lebowski was my favourite film. Nope, just a stupid pop culture reference.
  • The freezer is still abiding. However, I’ve made the rookie error of buying food as in ingredients, that still need to be defrosted, rather than food as in pizza, that you can cook from frozen. So while I have reduced my planning horizon to only 24 hours, that still seems to be beyond my current capabilities rather more frequently than seems necessary. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it eventually.
  • Brexit shortages, or just winter shortages? Having worn comfy comfy leggings instead of jeans for nearly a year, my leggings are now full of holes, but nowhere I've found has the ones I like in my size (Heattech thermal! OMG!). If it’s just because it’s cold, and everyone’s frantically buying thermal leggings, then here’s a Top Tip: I think now is a good time to buy beachwear (if you think you’ll ever need any ever again lol) - because nobody could possibly be buying that now, could they? And then we should all buy thermals in summer ready for next winter. This is a good plan.
  • I bought a pair of slippers. They are amazing. Buy slippers. The other weekend I nearly fell down the stairs slipping about in my socks, so this puts a stop to that, and also I no longer have cold feet. I feel like "keeping warm" is something a person who lives in (and currently rarely leaves) a house with central heating, carpets, rugs, etc, should not have to spend so much money or time on, but here we are.
  • I’ve finished watching all of Humans on Netflix. It’s not as good as Orphan Black but I kind of count it in the same ballpark. What is Tatiana Maslany up to nowadays? Orphan Black is SO GOOD. Maybe I'll just watch that again.
  • I also watched Staged, with David Tennant and Martin Sheen adorably pretending to be actors in a play being rehearsed over Zoom. If you like the sound of watching David Tennant and Michael Sheen chumming about with selected acting royalty and sort of take the piss out of themselves about how pretentious and precious actors are, you might like it. Except for the scenes which are shot to look like the actors are sitting on their sofa while zooming on their laptops, which are clearly shot from a camera on a tripod or higher up for a better selfie-style angle because they don’t have that standard "peering down from on high into the laptop sat on the coffee table" camera angle. Admittedly it does make it look more glamorous and TV-like so I can see why they did it.
  • On Friday morning, somebody at work posted in the lockdown fun channel to ask why we hadn't yet posted today's chit-chat option: the weekly shared playlist. The system works!