Email newsletters I have known and loved

I found this brilliant post of the newsletters I couldn't live without by Gemma Milne and it reminded me that my own post on this topic has been in my drafts folder for ages.

I read some of the links from these on my commute or other travel, or in the morning with tea in bed. I save the longer ones to read later. I used to use Instapaper a bit, but since it stopped working in Europe I just email them to myself instead. Onto the letters!

Fem Friday by Alex Mitchell

"A manageable number of links (2-3), about or around women and feminism, every Friday. Leans towards culture and history. Usually light on commentary."

But Alex your commentary is best!

Proceed Until Apprehended by Harriet Minter

"Words of wisdom for ambitious women"

And it's true! I think this one about communications in meetings is my most recent favourite. The advice about what to do if your company has recently published their gender pay gap is also incredibly valuable. I wish I'd had this newsletter ten years ago!

...the fuck is this? by Bim Adewunmi

I came for The Good Wife references and stayed for the thoughtful writing about love, work and the world.

The truth about everything* by The Guyliner

I first came across Justin Myers via his brilliant snarky Guardian Blind Date reviews on Saturday mornings. Sometimes you could see the thoughtfulness beneath the snark, which comes out more in the newsletter (don't worry, still full of snark).

Things that have caught my attention by Dan Hon

Weird, digital, strategy, tech, personal, funny.

Deathist by Laura Kirsop

Laura collects links about Death and shares them with us. Laura is cool.

This deserves your attention by Leisa Richelt

Leisa is a design/UX research person so her newsletters tend to lean towards that end of things with a side of strategy/accessibility.

The Looking Glass by Julie Zhou

This one should probably also be on the other post I haven't written yet about "My Favourite Advice Columns", because the format of this newsletter is that in each issue, Julie responds to an anonymous question from the audience. The questions are usually related to UX/UI design and product building. Here's the first one about writing better emails.

Engineering Impact by GitPrime and Software Lead Weekly by Oren Ellenbogen

These last two are both tech management, leadership & engineering links. They save me following literally everyone in my industry on Twitter by collating all the good stuff.

That's it, and that's already more than I can really manage to keep up with. The biggest change since I first started writing this post two years ago (!) is that I changed jobs since then, so I also used to read about five million tech-related weekly letters (among them: CSS Weekly, A11y Weekly, Sass News, Responsive Design Weekly). Wonder I ever got any work done, frankly. Those newsletters are still great! But I've pretty much switched them out for Engineering Impact and Software Lead Weekly since that's where my work interests have taken me.

Thanks, newsletter friends!